Run, Mythic Prey, Run

From Oracle to Amazon

Kurt, by way of a shocking introduction to the world of myth, finds himself in the company of would be friends and of godlings like himself. Kurt learned Loki, his father, left him with a medallion of unknown qualities.

The party learn of Alasia’s recapture by the Darkness, and a dream Oracle spoke of the Red Man coming on the morrow. Red’s powers were not known, but the Darkness may yet be behind his coming arrival.

Torn between attempting to find and rescue Alasia and confronting Red, they decide it best for a reconnaissance mission to determine the Red Man’s objectives, and ambush Red, if possible. Lacking a desire to spend the night somewhere in the Amazon, they asked Knuj to take them to the site immediately.

Kurt discovered some useful tricks about his powers and took some time to adjust after tripping and running into a tree. Dr. Klahr patched up what little bruising Kurt suffered. Nous, still only mildly worried about the body he’d left in his dorm room, began the process of summoning zombie minions, sending them out to discover what they may.

Meanwhile, Simon found lattice worked vines and a perch atop a tree. From the vantage of the perch they discovered an indigenous population. Unwilling to interact with the natives, Simon, Klahr, and Nous pondered their next move. Kurt, however, slipped into the village, literally, face first into mud, where nearby children ignored his antics.



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