Run, Mythic Prey, Run

Out of the Amazon

Knuj did not return.

Unable to figure out how to get home, the three remaining demigods attempted to sleep on the jungle floor, unsuccessfully. Grateful and concerned villagers invited them to stay in a hut and fed them the next morning. Alesia impatiently waited for them in the clearing, but was very interested in the dark pattern they had discovered. She walked it, and then showed the party how to look for pathways in, out, and shortcuts through this world.

Spending some productive time searching for the Dreaming Oracle, they’re warned of their impending doom. Shown a compass that appeared to point in their direction, and told that in order to get a god compass, they’d have to break into Mount Olympus and find a box sitting in Hera’s chambers.

Loki may know a way in.



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