Run, Mythic Prey, Run

The skinless man

Knuj shares a warning…

A woman of dark brown hair and skin an ashen shade of the same, appeared wounded, limping, and in obviously in pain.

Knuj recognzied her. “Alasia, what are you doing here? How’d you get here?”

Her eyes rolled to the back, nearly falling over before Knuj could catch her. “I’ve come to warn you,” she started. “The darkness is observing you. It is what has brought me here to this place. It looks a little like my world. The darkness has been keeping me prisoner, making me do things. I’m too strong to be kept for long, but not strong enough to be free of it. And it can’t hide everything from me. So, I know what you did, and I hate you for it… But you may be my only hope.”

Tears well up in Knuj’s eyes, “I’m sorry. I thought it was the only way to stop it.”

Alasia waved her hand to shush him, “it’s done. I wish you would have succeeded. It would have been better than this. I have something to show you. Can we go somewhere to rest?”

Knuj took her to a safe place and tried to get her to fall asleep.

“No,” Alasia refused sleep. “You must open your mind. I have to show you what it has done. Where we traveled to. What it has created.”

Knuj shaped a pocket of dreamscape for Alasia. Now, she, instantly alert and unharmed, rose to begin her tale, and with an amazing show of power, shaped the dream to reenact scenes from her memory. At first, the images were unclear, vague, as Alasia explained she picked up images, thoughts, and feeling from the darkness while she lived inside it. She projected them outward for Knuj to experience himself.

*First Scene:
A speckled sky with a pool of reflected light, but then strange lights under the water. The darkness painfully took the shape of the lights.

*Second Scene:
A strange room, perhaps a lab of sorts, with what looked like a skinless bloody man walking around. The darkness took the shape of the bloody man, and stole a picture or a statue of a wounded young girl. She appeared to almost be alive. The darkness creature took the shape of the young girl and smiled.

*Third Scene:
A little clearer now. A figure, looked like Knuj, formed from the darkness, took a knife to throat after throat in a city club, and called itself Jury to some and Executioner to others. Its eyes swirled black and white, churning with a kind of turmoil.

*Fourth Scene:
As if looking up upon a pitch black maze in the sky, lines radiated a darkness that swallowed specks of white stars that would emerge from within the black lines. From within the black maze, a white cream dripped off the sides of a complex twisted path made of a living darkness. The bloodied skinless man was there, but he was not really skinless, merely red with oddly shaped legs and hands for feet. He carried a cloth his right hand.

*Fifth Scene:
The red man stepped upon the dark path, and the darkness began to leap up as if to devour him. He struggled through the path and nearly fell countless times. Little pink lights, not the white ones, sometimes dripped upward and seemed to give the red man strength to go on. The red man was headed to the center of the maze created by the dark path.

*Sixth Scene:
His goal was to rescue the wounded girl at the center of the black maze. The wound upon her back was painful and exposed, and she did not look as though she would last much longer. It then became clear that the cloth the red man carried was dripping red upon the path and the white healing light brought those drops up into the red man. When the red man finally reached her, he placed the strip of skin upon her back and sealed the wound with his mind.

*Seventh Scene:
The red man stood up with a smile, eyes as black as cold space, and the girl sank down to slumber and lay still. The red man faded from site, but the black pattern remained.

Alasia stopped, saying, “he used my gift to draw out the dream while he did his work.”

A look of horror fell upon Knuj’s face because he recognized the pattern.



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