Run, Mythic Prey, Run

Who's the daddy?

Coming to terms with his control over zombies, Nous rounded up the walking dead to lay in wait to capture the Red man. Meanwhile, Klahr convinced the ill man, Sonho, and his friends that the party was here to help and got the three natives allow him to proceed with start the examination. Kurt injured himself badly enough that Knuj took him to safety, letting the party that he’ be back.

Klahr puzzled over the cause of the distended belly and could only conclude a parasite or a supernatural “Alien” was about to burst forth. Together Klahr and Nous figured there were at least two creatures within the man, and a crude surgery needed to be performed in order to save the man. Simon rushed out to the river to collect and heat sterilize water, while Nous gathered cloth, knives, and something to be used for stitching wounds.

Vermelho, a spirit, transparent, intangible, and looked to be a member of the tribe, positioned himself behind the sick man, empathically communicating his desire to help and that the children inside Sonho were theirs. In less than a half an hour later, with the help of Vermelho’s empathic healing, triplets were delivered, two boys and one girl, apparently healthy, Sonho and Vermelho obviously overjoyed at being parents.

Vermelho expressed sorrow and left abruptly, but the party tracked him down to a temple, where the interior was brightly lit with an abundance of torches. After several passageways a chamber, with many more lit torches only much dimmer because a dark pattern appeared to devour the light.

Nous took his ghostly form and spoke with Vermelho directly, learning that Vermelho was indeed a spirit that could only interact with the world minimally and through dreams, originally created as a byproduct and a reflection of a creature called Yado, who was being using by the Nightmare Guardian, offering him immortality and power in exchange for his help. A particularly special girl’s genetic code found living in a computer simulation facilitated Yado’s ability to attain immortality.

Simon walked the dark pattern, then Klahr, and when Nous attempted it in his spirit form. The darkness nearly devoured him in the attempt but managed to solidify and finish the path.

The dark pattern gave them the power to see dream passages between worlds, traverse fey paths, and potentially open supernatural doors closed to unseeing mortals.

Vermelho thanked the party for giving him the family he’d always wanted, expressing the idea that his lover could walk the pattern so they could be together more easily.



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