Run, Mythic Prey, Run

Zombies search for chickens

There are moments that can’t readily explain why some people do the things they do.

Simon spent most of his time scouting the area, discovered a winding path to a river and another lookout platform, while Kurt tested his speed and stealth against the local’s perceptions and ignored the zombie attack about to descend on the playing children so that he could search for clues amongst their personal belongings. Simon later immolated a wandering zombie, and Kurt succeed in yelling at another.

Nous, an over zealous zombie generator, was still busy summoning more zombies (of varying levels of “skill”) and had already set out his minions to collect dead chickens. The nearby village did not appreciate the fowl search, and the resulting panic from the attack on their children brought chaos to this relatively harmonious world.

Klahr used first aid on a wounded child, only to find moments later a distended belly followed by an adult being escorted away from the danger by his fellow tribesmen.



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