Klahr Odyne mons Aventis

Dr. Pain



Archetype: Godling (2)Source: Divine (Free)
Permission: Power Theme (5), One Power Magic Item (1)
Intrinsic: Allergy (Rare, Drains Willpower) Ambrosia (-4)

Stats (70)
Body: 1d (5)
Coordination: 3d (15)
Sense: 2d (10)
Mind: 3d (15)
Command: 2d (10)
Charm: 3d (15)

Base Will: 5

Willpower: 5

Hospital Medical Board(3)
S&M sex at the Cherry Pit(2)

Skills (44)
Martial Strike 2d +Coordination[3d 1wd ]
Martial Block 2d +Coordination[3d 1wd ]
Ranged Weapon Pistol 2d +Coordination[3d 1wd ]
Perception 3d +Sense[2d ]
Intimidation 2d +Command[2d 1wd ]
Leadership 1d +Command[2d 1wd ]
Stability 1d +Command[2d 1wd ]
Language 1d +Mind[3d ]
First Aid 4d +Mind[3d ]
Medicine 4d +Mind[3d ]

Powers (126)
Wrack {Divine} 5d 1wd (A+1; 5 per die; 45pts)
Quality: Attacks Capacity: Range(2) Flaw: Reduced range 1 yard(-1) Extra: Radius 1 yard sphere(1) Extra: Controlled effect Selective targeting(1) Extra: Non-Physical Defends by Stability Check or lack of nerve endings(2) Flaw: Scattered Damage Roll for location of each point of damage(-1) PQL +1 (1)
Effects: Able to wrack my opponents with pain.

Jinx {Divine} 5d 1wd (D+1; 3 per die; 27pts)
Quality: Defends Capacity: Range(2) Flaw: Reduced Capacity 16 yards(-1) Flaw: If/Then Only after successful Wracked(-1) Extra: Duration (2) PQL +1 (1)

Sadism heal width in shock and killing damage {Divine} 2d 2hd 1wd (U; 1 per die; 10pts)
Quality: Useful (2) Flaw: Self Only (-3) Flaw: If/Then Only after successful Wracked(-1)

Masochism {Divine} 2d 2hd 1wd (U; 1 per die; 10pts)
Quality: Useful (2) Flaw: Self Only (-3) Flaw: If/Then Only after taking damage not self inflicted(-1)
Effects: Make a power roll and instantly heal. (Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

Perceive Pain {Divine} 5d (U; 5 per die; 25pts)
Quality: Useful Capacity: Range 60 yards(2) Flaw: Always On (-1) Extra: Permanent (4)
Effects: Find people who are in pain

Willpower Battery {Divine} 9d (U; 1 per die; 9pts)
Quality: Useful (2) Flaw: Foci (-1) Extra: Endless (3) Flaw: Self Only (-3)
Effects: Store width in willpower

HyperStats (32)
HyperCoordination: 1wd (16)
HyperCommand: 1wd (16)


On-site at games and treating a variety of athletic teams.

Klahr Odyne mons Aventis

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