Elven featured, handsome, athletic, 21


Simon (300)

Archetype: Godling (6)Source: Divine (Free), Paranormal (5)
Permission: Power Theme Elemental Fire God (5)
Intrinsic: Allergy (Rare, Drains Willpower) Ambrosia (-4)

Stats (110)
Body: 4d (20)
Coordination: 4d (20)
Sense: 4d (20)
Mind: 3d (15)
Command: 3d (15)
Charm: 4d (20)

Base Will: 8

Willpower: 9



Skills (26)
Athletics 1d +Body[4d 1wd ]
Driving Motorcycle 2d +Coordination[4d ]
Endurance 1d +Body[4d 1wd ]
Perception 1d +Sense[4d 1wd ]
Stability 5d +Command[3d ]
Stealth 1d +Coordination[4d ]
Block 1d +Body[4d 1wd ]
Brawling 1d +Body[4d 1wd ]

Powers (120)
Elemental Flame Master {Divine} 2d 1wd (A U U D+1; 11 per die; 66pts)
Quality: Attacks Fire Blast Capacity: Range(2) Extra: Burn (2)
Quality: Useful Control flame Shape, color, movement, Capacity: Range(2) Extra: Duration (2)
Quality: Useful Create flame Capacity: Range(2)
Quality: Defends Resist Heat(2) Flaw: If/Then vs. Heat based attacks only(-2) PQL (1)
Fire Elemental Form {Divine} 5d 1wd (U U D+1 A U; 6 per die; 54pts)
Quality: Useful Change Form(2) Extra: Endless (3) Flaw: Obvious (-1) Flaw: Self Only (-3)
Quality: Useful Damage does not transfer to other form(2) Flaw: Attached to Quality “Change Form”(-2) Extra: Permanent (4) Flaw: Self Only (-3)
Quality: Defends Energy body(2) Flaw: Attached to Quality “Change Form”(-2) PQL (1)
Quality: Attacks Burning Hot Body(2) Flaw: Attached to Quality “Change Form”(-2) Flaw: Touch Only (-2) Extra: Burn catches things on fire(2) Extra: Engulf every hit location(2)
Quality: Useful Teleport Capacity: Range(2) Flaw: Attached to Quality “Change Form”(-2)

HyperSkills (1)
HyperResearch Magic 1d +Mind[3d ]

HyperStats (32)
HyperBody: Divine 1wd (16)
HyperSense: Divine 1wd (16)


Raised, by more than just his mother, by a secret friend, a protector, to know that balance is “The Way”. His protector said, “Farewell, Simon. I must go, and you must now protect yourself and those you care about. Don’t let the world know about you, unless you’d like to have the attention of The Fates.”


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