Ambrosia Shell

extremely rare "meat"


A toxic substance once used in the creation of some gods, and is now used to kill their offspring.

Ambrosia-shell is all that is left of a once great being known as Asia, a Titan above all, feared for her power and despised for her roll in littering the universe with small gods. Legend says she tried to keep the ambrosia away from mortals, hiding away inside her fortress, but was eventually found. Trapped in a prison of her own making, she devoured the ambrosia as it was produced, determined never again to allow the creation of new gods by her hand. Word of her existence did not spread wide, but it reached the ears of Raption. She was careless to allow one egg to be stolen by Raption’s thieving party. She readied herself for the day he returned. It took many years, but Raption sent a party of adventurers in his stead. Infused with Raption’s strength, they overpowered Asia, killing her and stopping any further production of ambrosia. Some of what ambrosia remained was devoured on site, creating a pantheon of little gods. The rest of the ambrosia was lost in legend.

Ambrosia Shell

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