Run or fight, because the hiding is over.

It’s your choice. Your childhood protectors have been called away. You’re an adult now. The blood of gods and monsters runs through your veins, and your value has just increased astronomically, your age increases your value over time. You are a pawn, a bargaining chip, and even a tasty meal for powers beyond. Will you find the courage to face your pursuers, the strength to fend them off, the knowledge to out wit them, and have the endurance to stave off the next wave of assaults as you and your friends become ever more valuable targets?

Using the new rules from Wild Talents 2 Essential Edition

Inspired by the Lightning Thief movie, Clash of the Titians, Lovecraft, and the Scion setting. Because when the gods get to meddling in mortal affairs, anything can happen.

Serial series of sessions connected to each other with varying degrees of continuity

This campaign intends for us to have fun, roleplay, learn the ORE system, and explore character possibilities. We’ll start off at 200 300-point characters but might adjust it to fit our needs.

Run, Mythic Prey, Run