Dreamer, destroyer, and all around uplifting guy.


Archetype: Godling
Occupation: Pattern Seeker

Body 1hd 6wd
Coordination 1hd 5wd
Sense 5d 1hd 1wd
Mind 8wd
Charm 5d 1wd

Base Will: 13
Willpower: 13

Loyalties: Current Distraction(3), Family(1)
Passions: Dreams(5), Homeworld(1), Patterns(3)

Skydiver, Astral dragon rider, Extreme rescue worker, Dream guide and hypnotist, pirate, navigator, cook, cabin boy, seducer, biologist, computer programmer

Reality Attuned: Useful Reality modification 3wd PQL+8 Variable Effect+4 Delayed effect-2, Defends Power shield 3wd PQL+4 Variable Effect+4 Delayed Setup Time-2, Useful True Reality Sense 10d, Attacks Destruction 4hd 4wd PQL+4 Variable Effect+4 Delayed effect-2


Pattern: Made himself ready (11+/-), with mother’s encouragement, and got so crazy with power he took off to explore worlds, but stopped at the first distracting place he found.
Semi-ethereal plane: As a youth spent 6 months learning to ride astral dragons with a month of servitude to the Astral King Matwan as payment. Learned to treat the king’s wounds after a rough day of riding. This started Knuj’s obsession with treating injuries.
A Strange Conjunctive Tri-shadow World: Spent 4 years of simultaneous enrolment in 3 schools across the worlds with non-stop medical training from the exotic to the completely bizarre. Shifting through the 3 worlds was not uncommon amongst most of the populace that could slip between these three worlds. The rest of populace either did not slip or were assisted by others.
Extreme Sports World: At 16 he spent a year as a rescue worker, pilot, and field surgeon, with hands on training in deep sea ice, volcano ski resorts, jungle flood caves, and low orbit pressure pocket resorts popular among the filthy-rich.
Fantasy world: As a very young man, lied about his age, he spent 10 months on a swashbuckling tour of the 7 seas, jumping ships, raiding cities, plundering all that would be plundered. He learned to fight, cook, clean, bribe, and set sail. It was over the top fantasy adventuring and non-stop wine and men at every port.
Knuj paul bettanyd1 copy Space: At 19, spent 2 years with a crew on it’s first journey through hyperspace to explore strange new worlds. Studied astral navigation, computer programming, and prolific asteroid ants that cropped up on nearly every planet, their eggs easily surviving space and environmental extremes, determined to be the progenitors of life in the universe. Knuj met his first love, Simon, and lost him during the final days of the mission. Knuj’s heart couldn’t take it.
Sleepy Psychic World: Spent most of the next 4 years asleep, dreaming, learning the art of lucid dreaming, got his professorship, and even taught in dream classrooms. Studied sleep control and influence techniques for controlling specific sleep patterns and combating sleep disorders, took mesmerism and hypnosis to levels the masters would envy. He learned to drive every imaginable vehicle dreamers came up with, a product of his “Annual Dream Challenge” event. He spent a lot of time redesigning the Pattern in his mind using that world’s dreamscape, which he adopted as his own. The last year spent on this world was his dark time. He’d been the cause of a monstrous creation that terrorized the dreamers the world over. The resulting corruption got so completely out of control that the normal productive dreams turned upon the dreamers, and millions died as a result. This creature eventually made it out of the dreamscape and into the world, continuing its terror. In the last few days of his time on this world, Knuj snapped out of his obsessive darkness, and with horror realized what he’d done. Knuj destroyed this world believing it was the only way to stop the creature and prevent any more from escaping the dreams.
Knuj eidur gudjohnsen f rgb 1024px copy
Own World: Spent a year building a new world, similar to the one he destroyed, but carefully avoiding emotional extremes this time, maintaining a low profile. It’s been a healing time for him.


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